07 July 2010

MSSM Opening and Closing Ceremony (25 April 2010)

It all started on the 25 April 2010, when the heads of schools got together to decide that for this years MSSM Opening and Closing ceremony, Johor as host will put up some spectacular items, on being a 400 strong Choir. This choir was to be made up by 10 schools from Johor Bahru and it should reflect the different races as well as the genders. Thus began the selection of schools. The 10 schools were, IJ Convent (of course), contributing 80 girls, SRJK(C) Foon Yew, 40 children, SRJK(C) Pu Sze, 40 children, SRJK(T) Yahya Awal, 40 children, SK Bandar Baru Uda, 40 children, SK Seri Tebrau, 40 children, SETA, 40 girls, SMK Dato Jaafar, 20 boys and finally SMK Desa Skudai, 40 students. Thus began our month and a half long exercise of practice, practice, practice.

We were given a list of songs to perform for the opening and closing ceremony that was to be attended by our dear Minister of Education, plus a host of members of the Education Ministry and all the State Education Officers, District Education Officers, all principals, headmasters, Senior Assistances’ of school in the district of Johor Bahru. It was indeed a grand, exciting and proud day for all who were involved. We had to show case Johor to the rest of Malaysia, and what Johor can do in such a short time frame. Although it was tiring but I believe many of us “grew” by the experience.

Prepared by,
Mrs. Cecilia Zamira Louis

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